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Vertical Launch Samson!
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Wreckage and geography are the number two reason of death for Samsons. They die defenseless when their missles keep hitting wreckage or ground instead of their targets. Something had to be done, so ARM engineering team came up with a better solution: a vehicle , about the same firepower as the Samson, but able to fire over wreckages or obstacles (and DTs). The project was successfull and the unit received the name Onager, in honor of an ancient weapon that was used to attack fortified positions, throwing projectiles over the walls

The Onager

Vlaunch, L1(almost the same stats as the Samson), your best bet against: mesa forts, rough terrain( that can block LOS missiles) battle ground full of wreckages, DT forts. They are also very good defending DT forts ( since not like normal missiles, those will not hit your own DT deffenses, prolonging their lifes(of the DTs) considerably. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Shoot over that crapola!!
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"We need a missile weapon that shoot over the obstacles, landing their missiles in their targets, NOT in the surrounding corpses..." said the head of the engineering body to the government council. "Ressources cannot be allocated to such research, that will probably lead into another faillure" answered the council

Then the head of the engineering body started a lengthy exposition of his arguments, explaining by means of all science and logic that such weapon was indeed necessary to the CORE arsenal; to which the response of the council was again negative: "Your premises and arguments do not yield the necessary weight of evidence concerning the necessity of the approuval or justification for such project. We are obliged to deny your proposal".

Tired of such slow bureaucratic process the master engineer said: "Ok, look, ARM is getting it, and they already started working on it..." The objective lenses of the eyes of the chief of the council strech fourth focalising again upon the engineer :"your project is approuved, start at once, without delay."

"so much for logic..." thought the master engineer

The Bypasser

This is basicly a Vlaunch Slasher, and being Vlaunch, does a great job attacking and deffending DT forts, mesas, difficult terrain, or ground full of wreckages, as they bypass all that with their V launch missiles, hence the name "Bypasser". ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
WeeEEEEee!! gimme those pretty birds to eat!!
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Nothing new under the sun, ARM spies did it again! But this time ARM spies intercepted some really good "bits" of info: the very blueprints of the amazing anti-air weapon that is equipped in the Centurion ship (CORE Flying fortress); the anti-air fire output is something way beond ARM's technology.

Some ARM specialists are convinced that CORE could not have created that weapon, but they must have got that from some ancient alien artifact somehow.
Whatever it may be, ARM senate decided to use that weapon in a flak gun, which would give a good protection against those evil Centurion ships, and penetrator bombers. Some wanted to use the weapon in a new model of flying fortress, but the heavy load was far greater than ARM's anti-gravity technology allows. The new defensive structure was named in a kind of prank, because of ARM's great commander reaction when he received the news of the spies report

The Hysteric

This is the counterpart for the CORE Precipitator, so the same description applies: Very expensive, slow to build and powerfull; Good for the late game strategy. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Flying Fortress or not, they will all go down!
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After the Advent of all these massive aircraft we see today, it was necessary to create means of defense against such menace. To eliminate further research costs, CORE engineers decided to use the anti-air weapon from the Centurion ship, in a very sturdy support, which proved itself in the tests a formidable defense against any Aircraft. The new defensive structure was named Precipitator.

The Precipitator

This defensive structure was created to defend bases against anything that flies. And it does it's job with terrible efficacy. Yet this is no cheap unit to build, huge resources and buildtime are involved, making this unit more appropriate to the late game strategy. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
The Plague is upon your enemies
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CORE Prime, Laboratory of military research 34LMI4-238

Phatalithus(commander of the 9878543 battalion, member of the selection comittee of new weapons): "We must bring the news to the selection comittee at once!"

Necronos (President of operations at MR 34LMI4-238):"We should first make some research concerning the ethical consequences of this: how do you pretend to explain to the comittee that for the sake of firepower increase we created machines that have nothing in common with our allegiance anymore, since those machines do not possess a positronic brain to hold a human mind, and instead of that, just a basic computer with aiming and motor patterns? Those machines are braindead, they have no soul! Could we entrust the war into their hands?"

Phatalithus:"As far as I am concerned, brains do not win the war in the battlefields, but weapons do. When the comittee know that we, for the first time, acheived to create an "equipment" comparable to the dreaded ARM flash tanks in cost, buildtime, and potencial destructive firepower, they will approuve it at once."

Necronos:"you might be right, if there were any brains left in either ARM or CORE commands, this war would be over"

Phatalithus: "Hmmm <.<"

The Pestilence

This unit was balanced after the ARM's flash tank, making of it the ideal counterpart on the CORE side. It uses a Core Contingency weapon, so if you do possess this expansion pack it will take no new weapon ID. If you dont have CC, then this unit will take a new weapon ID.

Click here if you wish to see more images and jokes about the Pestilence. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Massacre on two legs
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"A good offensive is the best defense"

In Empyrean, after years of failed experiments for creating a Krogoth-like kbot, the discovery of a new weapon was about to change the fate of their quest.

The scientists and researchers succeed in making a smaller version of the almighty "plasma rain" weapon already used in the Wyvern ships.

The new variant had a lesser power output, but was "small" enough to be carried by a kbot chassis of the size of a Krogoth; adjustments had to be made and the armour had to be decreased in order for the motor system to sustain the mighty load.

The new Kbot was named Praetorian, after the elite Roman guard in the ages past.

The Praetorian
This unit is a Krogoth-like kbot for ARM. The spread weapon is devastating against groups of lesser units, but less efficient as the Krogoth against heavy units. So in a duel between 1 Krogoth and 1 Praetorian, the Krogoth will most likely win, yet if you send a Praetorian side by side with a Krogoth, against the enemy's base, The Praetorian will die with more kills than the Krogoth. This unit takes two Weapon IDs ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

The unexpected fatality
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"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

So it came to pass, when ARM's spies disclosed one of the most advanced discoveries brough fourth by CORE specialists: The meteor chanelling technology. The secret costed the lives of many spies, but it's disclosure saved the lives of countless soldiers, and who knows, maybe even the war.

It was soon known to CORE that ARM has disclosed the secret, as the meteors start falling over their heads.

Now on for both sides, unknown submarine objects were regarded as major threats as they approached the shores.

The ARM Abaddon
This unit is basically the counterpart for the CORE Superbus submarine, and the same description applies:
This unit does not function exactly the same as all other OTA units. This unit requires 500 max units (the file is included in the zip, just unzip everything into the TOTALA folder)

Once the unit is created, you must force fire on ground or water, this will open the quantic chanel, and it will be open for 50 hours, and during all that time it will fire at all enemy units in range (note that visual contact is not necessary: It will target everything in the range except your own units).

Credits go all to zwzsg for the forced fire script. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Meteorite delivering service
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The CORE science research group was gathered to explain a new discovery, and a potential use for it, that could change the course of the war.
A submarine armed with a quantum chaneller, that could open doors in the space, bringing into the battlefield any object at any speed traveling anywhere in the space around.

"it will call meteorites from the space through a quantic chanel and using a gravity ray to increase the impact energy. All we will see is the meteorites falling over our enemies.

Because of the magnitude of the energy processed( through gravity ray and the quantic chanel) it will be impossible to give attack commands, because the energy field, gravity, and plasma shockwaves interfere with communications. So this means we cannot choose who the sub will attack, all we can do is to give movements orders carefully, and the sub will attack Automatically all enemies in range."

Even though hard to control and very expensive, the new weapon was devastating, even more so since no one could see from where the meteorites were comming from, they would never expect that they were called from the depths of the sea.

The Superbus
This CORE unit is singular (not to say kinky) in its requirements, and does not function exactly the same as all other OTA units:

This unit requires 500 max units (the file is included in the zip, just unzip everything into the TOTALA folder)

Once the unit is created, you must force fire on ground or water, this will open the quantic chanel, and it will be open for 50 hours, and during all that time it will fire at all enemy units in range (note that visual contact is not necessary: It will target everything in the range except your own units).

Credits go all to zwzsg for the forced fire script. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Clogger
If you cannot win, clog them.
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Core Strategists soon realised that it was impossible to match the Arm level 1 EMP weaponry using the patterning process. The lack of early power to match the Arm progress was a key problem to be solved.
The Solution was fairly simple, as sugested one of the Commander of the army: "If firepower cannot be matched with the same price, let us then stop their advance by other means. Put some legs on those dragon teeth, and some V-launch missiles, and we are set". The Idea was brilliant, and the project started.
The new unit was named "Clogger" but it was known as "the chaos bringer" because of it's influence on the battlefield.

The clogger
This little guy is very effective in masses, clogging your opponents base, forcing him to stop rushing flashs and peewees.

He has a small armour, and a weak weapon, but when he dies, he leaves his head monted dragon teeth, blocking your opponents path. In tight formations, as the front line dies, the second line is defended from line of sight weapons (EMG, laser, etc)and as their weapon is a weak v-launch they keep firing against enemies, which makes them extremely usefull against EMG rush.

In a small map, they can be used to block your oponents ground reducing greatly his ground expantion. Even in the worst cenario, they will buy time for the core player, to jump into his level 2, and wind the game. Also an experient commander will take advantage of the mazes of dragonteeths to build LLTs in empty spaces.

To sustain their production from the level1 Kbot lab, you will need 1 or 2 MEX, and 4 Solars ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Arm Wyvern
profession: Core base cleaning
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Arm's engeneering council soon enough realised that no foe, nor human craft could stand against the power of the Centurion, Core's air fortress.
But as fear of death increases, and adrenaline injects into the blood, and hearts pump at astronomical rates, someone came with the simple idea, and only hope of Arm's rebelion:

"So what? let's get our flying fortress BEFORE them."
Thus started the project "Anticipation", which proved successfull in all aspects, a great victory acheived by the engineering team.

"Flesh and bones may fail, and blood may be spilled, but our souls will not knee before the machines: we will fight to the last man!
Humanity and freedom will prevail against all that oppose to us!"

The Wyvern ship.
About the balance:
I made it so that 2 wyverns can eat more base(make more destruction) than 1 centurion, however because of the unprecise nature of the main weapon, and because of the superior AA power of the centurion, 2 wyverns cannot destroy 1 centurion, but I gave them a chance: they are more agile and accelerates faster than the centurion so they can flee. If the CFF tries to follow then it will not attack your base. So in this case, I force arm to use the wyvern in a more offensive way.

Arm's best strategy to conter the centurion will not be to attack the centurion directly, but to conter attack core's base. A centurion not supported by power will loose the fight with two wyverns.

So the wyvern plays very differently than the centurion; basicly 1 centurion has more AA power than 2 wyverns, but 2 wyverns have more AG(Anti-Ground) power than 1 centurion. Yet 2 wyverns cost the same as 1 centurion.
(both unit and factory are included in the .zip file) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Core Nereus
The underwater Dead-eye
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Core Has finally succeed in making a conter for the perverse ARM Tiburon, The CORE Nereus.

"The Nereus shall even, and retribute with increase what the rebels deserve."

Basicly the counterpart for the ARM Tiburon, the CORE Nereus is very usefull sniping underwater, but not a very good close range fighter. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Core Centurion
The Flying Fortress
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"Today, CORE unsheathes another power of it's contingency; and you all shall see, for today is a day of victory! Today the air of this wretched planet sector belongs to CORE!"

Shouted The CORE commander of that sector unto his division, while the colossal machine was moving it's arsenal towards the battlefield.

The division was in formation, imobile, in the "hero's greeting" position, the same as all core units hold by tradition everytime a krogoth comes out of his gantry. But this time, the hero greeted was not the Krogoth, but the Centurion, the core flying fortress.

Arm was not yet aware of this latest menace, and the doom it would bring upon the battlefield that day, and the massacre that would follow.

The Centurion is a very powerfull unit, which packs the power of more than 100 brawlers, but costs as much, and takes as long to be built. It's main purpose is for air dominance, but is has also a very good anti ground arsenal. The zip contain both the centurion and it's factory(both previews shown above)

Arm Incognito
The unknown death reason
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The Arm conter effort for the core Ghost: the Arm Incognito.

the same description applies: The Arm Incognito is designed to furtive attacks within enemy territory; It has a big visual range, able to cloack, capable of self repairing and flies at high altitude(beond most lasers and rockets reach, and remains unaffected by a nuclear launch that goes to the ground just below it).

The Incognito is a very strategical unit, not cost effective to mass production( very expensive) but very usefull for tactical utilisation (spying enemy territory and destroing key targets for example)

thanks zwzsg for the tag for partial destruction

Arm Crowbar
The bar breaker
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New unit on Arm Air force.

This time it is the ARM Crowbar, which is the best Arm effort to conter the CORE Awl.

The same description applies: heavy armored and shielded bomber with long bomb runs, designed to go against very fortified bases; to be used late in the game.

Will bomb enemy units if in patrol mode(behave the long bomb runs, put away from your base)

Doesn't uses any weapon ID (if you have none left, this is the plane for you)

Core Ghost
Invisible menace
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The Core devellopment nucleus came up with the edge of cloaking technology: They crafted a device capable of cloaking an entire airplane under it's metaphase of plasma disruption. The new aircraft build to bear the new device received the name of Ghost.

The core Ghost is designed to furtive attacks within enemy territory; It has a big visual range, able to cloack, capable of self repairing and flies at high altitude(beond most lasers and rockets reach, and remains unaffected by a nuclear launch that goes to the ground just below it).

The ghost is a very strategical unit, not cost effective to mass production( very expensive) but very usefull for tactical utilisation (spying enemy territory and destroing key targets for example) The core Ghost doesn't uses another weapon ID.

Core Prometheus
The fire bringer
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Core developed a new level 2 fighter-bomber armed with Napalm bombs.

The napalm bomb has a very large area of action, but reduced damage, making this unit very effective against groups of units.

The new aircraft was named Prometheus.

The Awl
Defense piercer
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The level two bomber proved to be ineffective against heavily fortified bases, thus the CORE engineering team came up with this new idea: The Awl.
This unit is designed to be used very late in the game, to go against heavily fortified bases. It has high armor, long bomb runs, and is fast; but everything has a price so you pay for it.

Also, one more thing, OTA bombers normaly doesn't try to bomb enemy units if in patrol mode. This one will (but beware to not put them to patrol close to your own base because of the long runs of bombs)

Arm Alkemist
Chemical bomber
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Researchers at ARM's warfare research program discovered a new chemichal compound that could be used as a powerfull weapon against CORE. The parlament decided to initiate a new military project to use this new discovery in the war.
The new project was named "salted ice". A new airplane was created to release the chemichal bombs. The airplane was also armed with missiles, that would give some AA defenses to the new plane. The new plane was named Alkemist.

The project "salted ice" was a success, Alkemist proved itself very usefull casting the corrosive payload against groups of units, aswell as being able to defend itself against air fighters.

Arm Tiburon
Submarine sniper
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Arm brought forth in the latest development, a new edge of submarine technology: the arm Tiburon. Range and Agility, combined with heavy armor and radar technology, make of the Tiburon a deadly submarine sniper. The Engineering team charged with the project celebrated this new victory wrecking out some core ships in the surrounding area.

Arm Dart
2 in 1
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Arm strategists understood, by the latest confrontations with CORE air force, that a bomber-fighter plane can be very usefull in some situations, so they decided to develop a counterpart to the CORE Multy, the ARM Dart.

As the core Multy, the Arm Dart will behave as a fighter in patrol mode, but will bomb upon command as a bomber

Core Multy
Multi function
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In another effort to improve core tech level 1, the enginering team developped a new level 1 Bomber-fighter Airplane, that will prove very usefull in combat strategy. The new plane was called Core Multy.

This unit will bomb at command, as others level 1 bombers, but will behave as a fighter on patrol mode, engaging combat against any unit that enters it's patrol zone.

Core Firefly
Early Torment
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The core high council realized that they were loosing many battles and the control of the galaxy by lack of early raiding power. The council deliberated for the creation of a new belic project, the project alpha, whose basic goal was to mount a laser gun in a scout airplane.
The engineers charged with the project send back to the council saying that it was impossible to achieve: the scout engine was not powerfull enough to empower a laser gun. Nevertheless the idea was good and the engineering team developed a new airplane chasis based in an old technology (plastic polymers), that would cost more than a scout, but would be able to bear a laser gun.

Project alpha proved to be a great achievement, in the less expected way: combining the lesser weapon with the weakest airplane chasis. The council named the new airplane "Core Firefly".

The core firefly is to be used in very early stages of the game, an invaluable unit to disrupt arm's metal economy; but his weak armour makes him a very poor fighter