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Vertical Launch Samson!
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Wreckage and geography are the number two reason of death for Samsons. They die defenseless when their missles keep hitting wreckage or ground instead of their targets. Something had to be done, so ARM engineering team came up with a better solution: a vehicle , about the same firepower as the Samson, but able to fire over wreckages or obstacles (and DTs). The project was successfull and the unit received the name Onager, in honor of an ancient weapon that was used to attack fortified positions, throwing projectiles over the walls

The Onager

Vlaunch, L1(almost the same stats as the Samson), your best bet against: mesa forts, rough terrain( that can block LOS missiles) battle ground full of wreckages, DT forts. They are also very good defending DT forts ( since not like normal missiles, those will not hit your own DT deffenses, prolonging their lifes(of the DTs) considerably. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Shoot over that crapola!!
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"We need a missile weapon that shoot over the obstacles, landing their missiles in their targets, NOT in the surrounding corpses..." said the head of the engineering body to the government council. "Ressources cannot be allocated to such research, that will probably lead into another faillure" answered the council

Then the head of the engineering body started a lengthy exposition of his arguments, explaining by means of all science and logic that such weapon was indeed necessary to the CORE arsenal; to which the response of the council was again negative: "Your premises and arguments do not yield the necessary weight of evidence concerning the necessity of the approuval or justification for such project. We are obliged to deny your proposal".

Tired of such slow bureaucratic process the master engineer said: "Ok, look, ARM is getting it, and they already started working on it..." The objective lenses of the eyes of the chief of the council strech fourth focalising again upon the engineer :"your project is approuved, start at once, without delay."

"so much for logic..." thought the master engineer

The Bypasser

This is basicly a Vlaunch Slasher, and being Vlaunch, does a great job attacking and deffending DT forts, mesas, difficult terrain, or ground full of wreckages, as they bypass all that with their V launch missiles, hence the name "Bypasser". ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

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